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Fertilizing your trees is one of the most effective methods of providing necessary nutrients and minerals for optimum growth. At Arbor Tech, we provide tree and shrub fertilization services at affordable prices. We can either inject liquid fertilizer into the soil or systematically inject directly into the vascular system of the tree. When we inject fertilizers directly into the soil, we are able to evenly distribute it throughout the tree root zone. It allows the delicate root system to absorb the nutrients and minerals necessary for maintaining its health and growth.

Grove of TreesFertilizing trees and shrubs helps restore their vigor for a long and healthy life. We often use systematic injections in severe cases such as when there is a quick absorption of insecticides, time is limited, and nutrients are needed to save the life of tree.

The process of fertilization is not limited to the micronutrients and macronutrients, which are essential for the survival of any tree, but extends to other supplements which can also be provided by a fertilization injection such as Mycorrihial fungi extracts. Many trees, plants, and forests face the difficulties of natural stress such as temperature extremes, drought, less soil fertility, etc. In order to survive these natural stresses, we use this unique symbiotic partnership soil organism called Mycorrhizal fungi. According to botanists, these fungi are the biological cornerstone of any plant life. This little known family of beneficial fungi live in and around the roots of approximately 99% of the earth's plant species, serving as a secondary root system, extending themselves far out into the soil. Mycorrhizae extract nutrients and water from the soil for their host plant and in turn, live off the plant's sugars. Trees and plants with thriving "mycorrhizal root" systems are better able to survive and thrive in a stressful man-made environment.

We also offer Plant Heath Care (PHC) which is a holistic approach to maintaining the good health of trees and landscape plants. It combines cultural, biological, and chemical strategies. The focus is on the plant rather than any specific pests.

Most arborists are now aware that tree health problems are typically the result of several combined stress factors. Today, plant management is focused on keeping the trees in good health. Recommendations for broad spraying of insecticides or fungicides are becoming outdated. While pesticides play an important role in health management, they also have limitations. In addition to the environmental and health risks associated with the spraying of pesticides, pest control may be limited and temporary if other control measures are not integrated into the program.

We, at Arbor Tech, will send out a professionally, trained certified arborist to evaluate your trees' safety, health, and vigor. We will make recommendations for best ways to enhance tree growth and we will create a healthy environment by fertilizing landscape plants. We off services for both new and existing trees and shrubs, so Contact us and hire our professional tree and shrub fertilization service today.  

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