Arbor Tech Inc

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Structural and mechanical strength is necessary for tree survival. In situations where a tree's structure is becoming potentially harmful to the tree and its environment, we make use of tree cabling and bracing techniques for additional support. The main reasons for the need of cabling and bracing trees are wind damage, storm damage, weak branch union, improper tree pruning, and so forth. Tree bracing and cabling are the two most important procedures for enhancing the structural support of trees.

The cabling and bracing process makes use of synthetic hardware or metal hardware to provide support to weak branches. This enhances the life of the tree and also ensures the safety of your house. Failure in a large trunk can result in personal injury, property damage, and a general decline in a tree’s health.

We are ISA certified arborists and you can contact us for inspection to determine the condition of your tree and determine what kind of support it will need. Arbor Tech Inc. has extensive experience with cabling and bracing and we ensure the best and safest procedures.

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