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Crown Reduction and Pruning

Tree crown reduction is the process of reducing the overall size of the crown by removing the ends of the branches. The crown thinning makes it even and leaves the tree with a balanced amount of leaves and a beautiful shape. The crown reduction pruning process includes crown cleaning, crown lifting, and removal of selective branches for increased light penetration and air circulation.

TreetopsEnhanced air movement and light penetration stimulates and maintains interior foliage which helps in improvement of branch taper and strength. Pruning mature trees reduces the wind-sail effect of the crown and the weight of the heavy limbs. The thinning process enhances the aesthetic beauty of the trunk and branches. It also improves the growth of plants beneath the tree as the light penetration increases. No more than one third of live foliage should be removed when thinning the crown of mature trees leaving at least one half of the foliage left on the branches. When limbs are being thinned, we make an effort to retain the inner lateral branches and leave the same distribution of foliage along each branch. The tree remains healthy and attractive by minimizing the stress.

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